Car Credit Center Warranty: WHAT IS COVERED

The following is a list of parts covered by this Limited Warranty.

If a malfunction, defect, or failure occurs in a covered component listed below, the Selling Dealer will repair or replace the covered component, subject to the terms and conditions expressed herein.

Replacement of any part may be made with parts of like kind and quality at the time of breakdown, including remanufactured or used parts.



All internally lubricated parts, camshaft, and bearings connecting rods and bearings, crankshafts and bearings, cylinder block, main bearings, distributor shaft, exhaust manifold, intake manifold, oil pump, and gears pick-up screen, pistons, piston rings, wrist pins, timing chain and gears, timing belt, cylinder heads, exhaust valves, valve springs, and retainers, push rods, rocker arms, and shafts, hydraulic and soft lifters, factory-installed superchargers or turbocharger units.

All internally lubricated parts, case torque converter, lock-up converter, gears and shafts, bearings, bushings, bands, clutch plates, friction and steel drums, pump, servo unit, valve body and plate, governor.

All internally lubricated parts, drive axle housing, ring and pinion gears, spider gears, side gears, bearings, bushings, Spacers, yokes, axle shafts, driveshafts, carrier bearing, universal joints, CV joints (provided the boots are not torn or damaged), (exclusions are CV joint boots, locking hubs, and wheel hubs).

Engine radiator, heater core, water pump, and cooling fan motor.


Emergency Roadside Assistance services are provided for single rear-axle, four-wheeled registered and licensed light-duty motor vehicles weighing less than 9,500 lbs. / 4,300 kg used for private, on-road transportation, including passenger vehicles and light-duty trucks.

Roadside Assistance Services will not be available in non-maintained areas or areas not regularly traveled, such as vacant lots, beaches, open fields, roads closed during the season of the request, or other places which would be hazardous for the service provider to reach.

Quest Towing Services, LLC is not responsible for service in areas that restrict or ban access to service providers, such as turnpikes and other governed highways.

Emergency Roadside Assistance
These services are provided in addition to the coverages available under this Contract. Roadside Assistance Services are administered by Quest Towing Services, LLC, Quest Towing, Inc, or Quest Motor Club of California. Unless You are a resident of California, Alabama, or Utah, the obligor and provider for the Roadside Assistance Service is Quest Towing Services, LLC, administrative offices at 106 West Tolles Drive, St. Johns, MI 48879. For Alabama and Utah, the obligor and provider of services are Quest Towing, Inc.

For California members, the administrator of services is Quest Motor Club of California Motor Club Permit Number 5947-7. As a member of Quest Towing Services, LLC, all benefits are available to You up to Your benefit limit without any additional payments. You are responsible for any non-covered expenses. In the event that Your Vehicle is disabled, a service provider will be dispatched to Your location to assist You.

In the event that Your Vehicle is unable to continue under its own power, Your Vehicle may be towed to the nearest Licensed Repair Facility up to 50 miles, any additional mileage/cost will be Your responsibility and payment will be expected at the time service is rendered. When calling for towing or road service You must call toll-free (800) 644-6237.

Emergency Roadside Assistance Coverage:

One service is available per 72-hour period.

Services Available to You at no cost are:

  1. Towing to the nearest Licensed Repair Facility up to fifty miles, o Battery Jump Start,
  2. Emergency Fluid/Fuel Delivery (You are responsible for the actual cost of delivered materials), and
  3. Locksmith services.
Three (3) dispatched road services are available per each year of the Contract term. If You exceed three (3) dispatched service calls You will be placed on a “Cash Call Basis” meaning Quest Towing Services, LLC will still dispatch a service provider to You but You will have to pay the service provider for the service call at the time the service is rendered.
SUBSTITUTE TRANSPORTATION: In the event of a Mechanical Breakdown of a covered component the You will be reimbursed for the actual expense incurred for substitute transportation at the maximum daily rate of thirty-five dollars ($35.00) per day based on Labor Time (Example: .10 to 8.0 labor hours = One Day Rental, 8.1 to 16 labor hours = Two Days Rental, 16.1 to 24.0 labor hours = Three Days Rental, etc.) the maximum per repair visit is one hundred seventy-five dollars ($175).

Substitute transportation must be supplied by the issuing Dealer or a duly licensed rental agency. One additional day of rental coverage will be available to You for any parts delay to a covered component under this Contract. 

The total dollar limit per repair visit will be increased to a maximum of two hundred ten dollars ($210) if the repairs are delayed because of a parts delay when a repair is performed on a major component (engine or transmission) and We are notified of the delay within the first five (5) days of the rental period. Rental reimbursements will be made only for rental vehicles obtained through dealerships or licensed rental agencies.

If you fail to provide your vehicle with the manufacturer's recommended maintenance, such as oil changes and other periodic services, and if your failure causes a covered component to breakdown, this will result in loss of your protection under this Limited Warranty. Maintenance records from the vehicle sale date supported by receipts indicating dates, mileage, and the services performed must be kept during the term of the Limited Warranty and, in the event of a claim, made available to the Claims Administrator on request.


Single -Claim Limit: The limit of liability for any one (1) repair visit shall in no event exceed the trade-in value of Your Vehicle at the time of repair based on NADA average Used Car Guide values, less the deductible.

Aggregate Limit: OUR liability with respect to the total of all benefits paid or payable while this AGREEMENT is in force shall not exceed the lesser of:

(1) The Vehicle Purchase Price, as shown on the DECLARATION PAGE; or
(2) The NADA average retail value of the VEHICLE at the time of the current repair, or $10,000 whichever is less.

This Limited Warranty will cover only those items listed under "COVERED COMPONENTS" and does not cover the following:

  1. Incidental or consequential damages or loss caused by the breakdown of covered parts (or otherwise) including property damage, personal injury, inconvenience, or loss of vehicle use.
  2. Damage to a covered part by a non-covered part and damage to a non-covered part by a covered part.
  3. Vehicles used for commercial, rental, or delivery purposes.
  4. Any vehicle that has had the manufacturer’s warranty revoked, voided, or canceled; or any vehicle that never came with a manufacturer’s warranty.
  5. Alterations that cause the vehicle to be out of compliance with the manufacturer's specification.
  6. Repairs to parts of the vehicle not listed as covered.
  7. The replacement or repair of any covered part that is within the allowable tolerances prescribed by its manufacturer or that is able to perform the function(s) for which it was designed.
  8. Repairs beyond those required to correct the covered failure.
  9. Repairs to components that have been modified or added to the vehicle after purchase, or any repairs on vehicles whose mileage has been altered or whose odometer has been tampered with.
  10. Breakdowns resulting from your failure to provide proper maintenance to the failed part or parts.
  11. Breakdowns resulting from incorrect, contaminated, or inadequate amounts of fluid.
  12. Breakdowns or defects from collision, abuse, negligence, overheating, improper load capacity, road conditions, fires, floods, riots, or any other losses normally covered by casualty insurance.
  13. Alignments, fuel system cleaning, wheel balancing, any manufacturer's required maintenance, or the replacement of maintenance like items (e.g. spark plugs, PCV valves, filters, oil changes, belts, hoses, CV joints seals, brake linings, nuts, bolts, clips, fasteners, screws, and clutch linings).
  14. Any Mechanical Breakdown covered by an insurance entity, the manufacturer’s warranty or recall; or any component with a warranty or “repairer’s guarantee” through a repair facility.
  15. Repairs performed by someone other than a licensed repair facility.
  16. Repairs made outside the contiguous United States or if the vehicle is registered outside the contiguous United States.
  17. Towing costs.

If your vehicle is within fifty (50) miles of the Selling Dealer, you must deliver your vehicle to the Selling Dealer at the address shown on the cover of this agreement for repairs.

If you are outside 50 miles of the Selling Dealer, and it is not possible or not practical to deliver your vehicle to the Selling Dealer, call the Claims Administrator for instructions.

This Limited Warranty is non-transferable.


This Limited Warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights that vary from state to state. To the extent allowed by applicable law, any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose applicable to the covered vehicle is limited in duration to the term of this Limited Warranty. As some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty will last, or the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, such limitations may not apply to you.